Rolic Technologies in Shanghai

Rolic Technologies in Shanghai sells customized formulations based on the innovative Rolic technology for the manufacture of high-quality and efficient displays as well as optical films and offers technical support to this. With the production of ready-to-use formulations Rolic expands its activities from research and development and the production of key materials.

Rolic Technologies (Shanghai) has its location in the center of the world´s fastest-growing market for displays, close to all leading display manufacturers. Due to this proximity to customers Rolic Technologies (Shanghai) can react faster and more targeted on the ground. In addition to easy communication due to the common language in China the location enables shorter delivery routes to other Asian markets.

Since 2006 Rolic is active through partners in the Chinese market. In 2014, shortly after the Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and China was signed, Rolic Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established. Herewith Rolic strengthens its international market position and secures the participation in a major growth market. The patented key materials, which are the basis for all customer formulations of Rolic Technologies (Shanghai), will continue to be produced in Switzerland. Sales and marketing of Rolic products outside of China is still managed at Rolic headquarters in Allschwil.

落利刻新材料(上海)依靠 Rolic 的创新技术,根据客户的需求生产用于制造高质、高效显示屏及光学膜的即用型配方产品,并提供技术支持。在研发和提供核心材料之外,生产即用型产 品是扩展 Rolic 业务的重要步骤之一。落利刻新材料(上海)地处全球增长速度最快的显示市场的中心,邻近所有的重要显示屏生产商。这一地理位置将为 Rolic 更快地、有的放矢地应对市场变化提供便利条件。其优势不仅仅局限于交流便利以及在中国当地的语言优势,而且还将为公司提供打入其它亚洲市场的渠道、缩短运货距离。
Rolic 自2006年就开始作为合作商在中国市场开展业务,在2014年《中国-瑞士自由贸易协定》签署之后不久,便创建了落利刻新材料(上海)有限公司。由此 Rolic 将巩固自己在国际市场中的地位,确保公司在主要成长市场中的份额。所有配方中的拥有专利权的核心材料仍然在瑞士生产,Rolic 产品在中国以外市场的推广及销售仍由阿尔施维尔的 Rolic 总部负责。